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Thank you for making my day by stopping by and visiting my page. I hope you'll enjoy reading about the services I offer as much as I enjoy offering them to you!



At the start of the treatment, I will give you a short consultation to ascertain exactly what you need from the treatment, and we can discuss any physical problems you may have been experiencing - be sure to give details of any issues you may have been dealing with, such as tensions, pains, headaches or tiredness. 

I will then get you comfortably nestled onto a massage table. The table is warmed up, and you will be covered in a cozy blanket, if you wish. I will start the session with initially feeling (reading) the feet for indicative messages of how your energy flows and more importantly where it is getting trapped or stuck.  

According to our intake and also to what my hands felt initially when "reading" your feet, I will gently seek out and concentrate on areas of congestionstiffness and excess or emptiness on the reflex points of the feet which reflect the corresponding areas of the body.

I will be using warm rocks and towels, high quality massage oils and essential oils, that will keep you melting away during the session. 

What’s included
Basic Foot Reflexology Treatment

An introductory session or just a shorter session to the relaxing world of Reflexology.

This session aims to help reduce body tension, increase blood circulation, restore nerve function, and establish balance within the body. Most people report to experience a sense of relaxation and well-being after a session.

Great also for children!

30 minutes


Signature Foot Reflexology treatment

This session allows to spend more time on all areas of your feet and to really get into those pressure points. You will enjoy hot stones and warm towel wraps that help you ease into a state of pure relaxation!

Pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet that correspond to zones, meridians, organs, and glands in the body.

45 minutes


"Sweet and Chic" Foot Reflexology treatment

This pampering session includes our Signature Foot Reflexology treatment, plus a sugar scrub for exfoliation, a foot mask for nourishing your skin and the application of a deep moisturizer. Optional: Nail polish application. You are welcome to bring your own and we happily apply it for you. 

This is the perfect combination of health, wellness, relaxation, beautification and pampering for your feet!

60 minutes


Foot Reflexology and Reiki Combo

This is the perfect combination to experience Energy healing combined with Foot Reflexology. Both methods safely complement each other and aim to bring on relaxation, stress reduction and homeostasis. This may also ease your anxiety, induce a state of calmness and support healing on different levels. 

50 minutes


"Detox Bliss" Foot Reflexology treatment

You will experience our Basic Foot Reflexology treatment followed by the application of a Bentonite Clay Foot mask. The idea is that the Clay may enhance the positive effects of the Reflexology treatment. While the Foot mask is hard at work during the second half of your treatment, enjoy a relaxing Reiki Energy Cleanse.  The scents of fine essential oils will ease you into total bliss. The treatment will finish by gently clearing and strengthening your Auric field. 

60 minutes


"Chakra Crystal Healing" Foot Reflexology treatment

Crystals have been used for centuries in physical and metaphysical healing traditions. Enjoy our Signature Foot Reflexology treatment while Chakra healing stones and crystals are applied on your major spiritual energy centers. This session may help you to strengthen your spiritual connection to your own innate power, raise your vibration and receive a boost in creative energy and vitality.  

45 minutes


"Cool down and ease pain" Foot Reflexology treatment

Do you experience hot feet? Do your feet ache or pain? Or do your feet swell and feel uncomfortable during those hot summer days? Then our Cool Down and Ease Pain Foot Acupressure treatment might be the right choice for you!

What makes it different is the application of cooling Peppermint oil that will be used during a stimulating foot scrub and during the following reflexology session. Peppermint Oil is said to act as an analgesic, to cool the area and to temporarily mask pain. While it is an energizing scent, it may also help to reduce tension and swelling. 

45 minutes



Gift certificates

Gift certificates can either be purchased and picked up at my office location, or you can purchase an e-gift certificate by following the link below. 

For pick-up please pre-order by either phoning me or messaging me (see contact form below) 

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Kristan Deneef


I am a certified Foot Reflexologist, Reiki practitioner and also have experience as a group facilitator for different youth and senior programs. In the recent past I have extensively studied different forms of holistic health and natural ways of living holistically. I have advanced my horizon in the field of holistic health with many hours of online courses, in person training sessions, books, blogs, readings, videos, etc. It became my passion and personal interest and I happily share what I have learned no only in my family life and circle of friend.

I am thrilled to offer foot reflexology treatments to members of my community.

I love connecting with people, building relationships, and guiding people to better health and wellness. 

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Where you find me

You will find me working out of AcuComfort in Forest Grove. 

Office location at AcuComfort:
4537 D Canim-Hendrix-Lake Rd, Forest Grove, V0K 1M0 

+1 250 395 0316

Tue-Wed: 9 am-6 pm, by appointment